Excellent CAR-T clinical trial saves Hong Kong B-ALL patient

Shawn, is a 29-year-old man from Hong Kong. In March 2017, has symptoms of fever, fatigue and paleness. He was diagnosed with acute B-lymphocytic leukaemia at the Prince of Wales Hospital and received induction chemotherapy. In April he went into complete remission with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And no abnormalities were found in the CSF correlation report.

However, until 19 April 2018, his bone marrow morphology showed 10% of primary and juvenile gonorrhoea. Hong Kong doctors think that chemotherapy is difficult to make him into complete remission, only CAR-T has a great chance to make it. After the doctors' recommendation and comparing the success rate and effort, Shawn came to Lu Daopei Hospital in China to participate in the CAR-T clinical trial on 23 April 2018.

The admission bone marrow biopsy test showed that he was not in complete remission and the CD19、CD20 are positive. After a multidisciplinary consultation, our haematologists suggest he participate in the CD19+CD20 CAR-T clinical trial before bone marrow transplantation. In our 300 CAR-T cases, the complete remission rate is around 90%.

On 25 April, Shawn's T-cells were collected and sent to the GMP CAR-T laboratory for genetic engineering. After being genetically modified, the T-cells were transformed into "chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells". CARs are proteins that help the T-cells recognise an antigen in targeted tumour cells.  After the CAR T cells are grown to a sufficient amount for treatment, the CAR T cells are infused into them to eliminate the tumour cells. 

Shawn received 1 course of chemotherapy on the 6th of May, which is 5 days before the CAR-T cell infusion. On May. On 11 May, the infusion of CD19 CAR T cells was given as cellular immunotherapy. After 4 weeks of supportive care and side effect management, no abnormalities were found in the CSF correlation report, flow cytometry, bone marrow cell morphology, DNA test and CAR-T report showed that he got complete remission.

Being in complete remission is the best way for him to return to Hong Kong for the next step --- a blood and bone marrow transplant.