Ruijuan Sun
Haematologist / Clinical Associate Professor
Clinical focus
Paediatric benign and malignant haematological and genetic disorders.
Paediatric HSCT, HSCT complications (GVHD, infection, etc.)
Board Certification
Chinese Board of Internal Medicine
Education and training
Medical School of Xi'an Jiaotong University
Professional Experience
Clinical Associate Professor, HSCT Department, Lu Daopei Hospital (2003-present)
Intern, Haematology Department, Beijing Xicheng District Dewai Hospital
Participated in the first case of treating a child with severe aplastic anaemia with autologous cord blood in China.
Participated in the transplantation of the first pediatric patient with XIAP-related haemophagocytic syndrome in China.
Completed 3 haplo-HSCT cases for haemophagocytic syndrome patients.
Completed 5 HSCT cases for congenital keratosis patients.
Recent Publications
Poster at EBMT, 2016
Oral presentation at APBMT, 2015&2014
Published Allo-HSCT for Hemophagocytic Syndrome in Chinese Journal of Pediatrics