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Lu Daopei Hospital has an International Centre that provides personalised and culturally appropriate support from the initial correspondence to the day each patient returns home. Our aim is to make it easy for patients to focus on getting better and feeling better.

Medical Coordination

Our International Centre will provide streamlined access and personalized support for our international patients. We will work with patients and families to streamline administrative requirements, coordinate the complex process of treatment and reduce worry and anxiety for each of our patients.

This includes:
·Medical Consultation Providing patients with a free specialist 'assessment' of treatment after reviewing appropriate medical records.
·Provide a cost estimate for the treatment plan.
·Helping patients understand the treatment plan and coordinating doctors to follow up progress.
·Language support
·Collect and prepare medical reports
·Email and correspondence with patients
·Offer invitation letters and other documents (medical/non-medical) as required.
·Assist with appointment scheduling and registration
·Telemedical consultation
·Follow-up with clinical and administrative staff

Language Assistance

Lu Daopei Hospital recognizes that communication between the medical team and patients has a significant impact on patient care. Therefore, we provide free English language assistance for patients whose preferred language is not Mandarin Chinese, as well as other languages upon special request. Subject to availability.
Service hours: 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. During off-hours, on-call interpreters are available for emergencies.

Travel Services

·Hotel Reservation
·Airport pick-up and transport to the hospital (24 hours' notice required)
·Visa extension assistance 
Note: For more details, please contact our International Centre.

Life Assistance

·Renting an apartment
·Offer daily life information 
Note: For more details please contact our International Centre.

International Center Contact:

Mobile / WhatsApp:+86 13131609162