Billing & Financial Assistance

Billing & Financial Assistance

Lu Daopei Hospital is committed not only to providing the highest quality medical services and treatments but also to assisting its patients with any financial or insurance problems related to their treatment at our hospital. Our dedicated staff will do their best to help patients and families solve their financial problems.


Lu Daopei Hospital requires all patients to pay a deposit before admission. The amount of the deposit is based on an estimate of the cost of treatment. Therefore, the deposit may be different from the actual cost, so the patient can make up the payment or get a refund accordingly.
We provide an official receipt to each patient on a weekly basis so that they are aware of the cost.

Service  Assistance 

·Provides an estimate of the cost of treatment.
·Payment Assistance
We have staff and third-party companies that can assist each patient with the payment process. The patient can choose to pay by cash, bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard.
·Insurance assistance
To assist patients working with their insurance company on a claim, we can sort out the relevant documents for the patient's convenience.
·Embassy assistance
If the patient needs to deal with the embassy or any other organization regarding payment, we will provide full support by providing the relevant documents required for this purpose.

International Center Contact:

Mobile / Whatsapp: +86 13488699771 / 13131609162