Department & Treatment
  • Department of BMT

    The Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT) Department of Lu Daopei Hospital is one of the most active HSCT centre in the international, which has 162 air laminar flow rooms, 1556 beds. There are 9 medical groups, 106 transplantation doctors, 320 nurses. Under the leadership of Dr Daopei Lu, our HSCT department performs 1/10 of the total transplant cases in China every year. From 2003to 2022, HSCT centre has completed 9,757cases, 4,664 cases are haplo-transplantation between relatives, 1,180 cases are unrelated transplantation, 3,888 cases are other.

  • Hematology Centre

    Lu Daopei Hospital International Lymphoma and Myeloma Center have the most professional medical team, the most advanced inspection equipment and treatment technology, provide the most personalized service for the patients.

Department & Treatment