Academician Lu Daopei was awarded "Top Ten Medical Leaders" at the 5th Physicians' Summit

On 9 January, the 5th Physicians' Summit was held in Beijing, hosted by the Chinese Physicians' Association, and academician Lu Daopei, together with nine other academicians and professors, was awarded the "Top Ten Medical Leaders", a tribute to 70 years of medical development, for their outstanding contributions to China's medical and health care, and as a monument to the eternal development of medicine.

Beijing Lu Daopei Hematology Hospital opens

On 28 June, the opening ceremony of Beijing Lu Daopei Hematology Hospital was celebrated. Mr. Lu Daopei, academician, Mr. Yan Xiaowen, Vice President of the Chinese Pharmacists Association and the management of Lu Daopei Medical Group, Beijing Lu Daopei Blood Research Institute, Yanda Lu Daopei Hospital and leaders of various departments of Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital gathered together to attend the opening ceremony and witness this historic moment together.

Grand Opening of the 8th Lu Daopei Hematology Summit

The 8th Lu Daopei Hematology Summit, organised by Lu Daopei Medical, was held from 11 to 12 July, with academician Lu Daopei as Honorary Chairman, academician Dong Chen, Dean of Tsinghua University School of Medicine, Professor Huang Xiaojun, Director of Peking University Institute of Hematology, and Professor Lu Peihua, Director of Beijing Lu Daopei Hematology Institute, as Co-Chairs of this year's conference. Professor Liu Kaiyan, Executive Vice-President of Beijing Lu Daopei Institute of Hematology, was the Secretary General of the Academic Committee of this year's conference. The forum opened with 20,000 people online, and as the conference progressed, more than 80,000 people listened online.

Lu Daopei was awarded "Lifetime Achievement Expert" by the Blood Branch of the Chinese Medical Association

The 16th National Hematology Conference of the Chinese Medical Association (CMA) was held in Hangzhou on 25 September 2020, hosted by the Chinese Medical Association (CMA), the Chinese Medical Hematology Branch and organized by the Zhejiang Medical Association. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Hematology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, the Hematology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association awarded Lu Daopei with the "Lifetime Achievement Expert" award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the cause of hematology in China.

Lu Daopei Hospital honored for China's new pneumonia battle for socially run hospitals

On 23 October, the 2020 Annual Meeting of the China Association of Non-public Healthcare Institutions was held in Shanghai, and Lu Daopei Hospital was awarded the China Association of Non-public Healthcare Institutions Memorial Medal for the Battle for the New Crown Pneumonia in China's socially run hospitals, in recognition of the outstanding contribution made by Lu Daopei Hospital during the prevention and control of the epidemic!

Lu Daopei Medical Group's National MDT Consultation Centre for Difficult Blood Cases was officially established

On 21 October, the inauguration ceremony of the "National MDT Consultation Centre for Difficult Blood Cases" and the fourth case discussion meeting were held at Lu Daopei Hospital in Beijing.

ASH 2020 Lu Daopei Hospital presents a comprehensive list of 16 research results with a bumper crop of academic achievements

The 62nd ASH Annual Meeting was held online from 5-8 December 202012. Lu Daopei Hospital was selected to present five oral presentations, the first in China but the centre, while there were also 11 poster presentations and 16 research results were presented across the board, gaining the industry's attention as an academic achievement.