BMT Doctors
Shuquan Ji


Clinical Professor

Clinical focus

Leukemia, Multiple myeloma, Lymphoma, Aplastic anemia, Thrombocytopenia.

Autoimmune blood disease.

HSCT, HSCT complications (GVHD, infection etc.)

Board Certification

Chinese Board of Internal Medicine


Shanghai No. 1 Medical University, 1960  

Work Experience

Lu Daopei Hospital

Director, Hematology Department ,Air Force General Hospital, PLA

Part-time Professor,China Medical University

Part-time Professor,the Fourth Military Medical University


Founder of Haplo-HSCT in China

Obtained 22 awards for advanced technological achievements

President Hu Jintao’s Public Prize for Haplo-HSCT, 2005

The first special government allowances of the State Council, 1991

Published over 150 papers
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