CAR-T Cases: 1153
CR: 90%
BMT Cases: 7254
Haplo-BMT Cases: 4806
DFS Rate (CR1): >80%
DFS Rate (CR2): 60%-70%
DFS Rate (NR): 30%-50%
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  • Bone Marrow Transplantation Make Acute Myeloid Leukemia Kid Got into Complete Remission

    The Excellent CAR-T Clinical Trial Saves Hong Kong ALL Patient Shawn, 29-years-old man comes from Hong Kong. In March 2017, has symptoms of fever, fatigue and pale. In Prince of Wales Hospital was diagnosed as acute lymphoma leukemia and got one course of induction chemotherapy. In April, he got complete remission by Chemotherapy and radiotherapy. And no abnormalities were found in cerebrospinal fluid correlation report.

  • Junaid, 19, was diagnosed with "acute B lymphocytic leukemia" after multiple tests at a Pakistani hospital for recurrent fever. After nearly 4 years of treatment, acute B lymphocytic leukemia relapsed. Chemotherapy was continued in the local hospital, but cancer cells continued to grow up. At the moment, after hearing about Maisha(a similar patient who is be cured in Lu Daopei hospital)'s successful treatment from Maisha’s father, he tried to come to China to find the hope.

    Maisha, a 4.5 years old girl comes from Pakistan. In September 2014, has the first symptoms "fever and cough". In Aga Khan University Hospital (Pakistan) hospital’s diagnosis was "acute B lymphoblastic leukemia". A course of "VP" chemotherapy was given, and the bone marrow morphology reexamination revealed a remission of the disease, and 8 courses of regular chemotherapy were followed, and the bone marrow morphology and immunity residue were not monitored during this period

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