Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital

Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital is located at Beijing economic and technological development area, building area of 27,000 square meters, set up 300 beds, 36 air laminar flow rooms. Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital is a Chinese leading hospital which specialized in blood disease and tumor disease. The pathology and specialty hematology lab is international advanced level as well.

Campus View

The Main Entrance

The Lobby

Information Desk


The “Love” Attendance Book

History Corrido

Hospital consist of many departments, like department of bone marrow transplantation, lymphoma and myeloma, general hematology and pathology and specialty hematology lab. Strict organizational structure, rules and regulations specification. In order to ensure hospital normal operation and give patients high level treatment, Each department actively develops the skills training.

Outpatient Medical Guide Station

Outpatient Waiting Area

Nurse Station

Consultation Room

Single Room

VIP Room

VIP Room

The hospital invested two hundred million RMB in the early stage, which purchased the most advanced medical and lab equipment.36 air laminar flow rooms has reached the international advanced standards, the overall design and decoration style is quite unique.

Visiting Corridor of Air Laminar Flow Room

Air Laminar Flow Room

Air Laminar Flow Room

Pathology and Specialty Hematology Lab

Pathology and Specialty Hematology Lab

Beijing Lu Daopei Hospital stands on high starting position. The strict organizational structure and high value of the hardware facilities absolutely will serve patients with the international medical treatment standards in the future.

Patient Resting Area



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