Founder-Dr. Daopei Lu

Daopei Lu, Academician

-Chief scientist, world-famous hematologist and China key discipline leader

-Founder of Institute of Hematology, Peking University

-Distinguished Professor at Peking University, Fudan University and Wuhan University

-Vice Chairman of the 19~22th Chinese Medical Association, former Vice Chairman of Asian Hematology Association (AHA) and Chairman of the 11th International Hematology Conference

-Awarded as the Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 1996

Academic Achievements

-Successfully completed the first syngeneic bone marrow transplantation in Asia (1964).

-Successfully completed the first allogeneic bone marrow transplantation in China (1981).

-Successfully completed the first major ABO-incompatible bone marrow transplantation in China (late 1980s).

-For the first time, it proved that arsenic sulfide has a significant effect on some leukemia (1995).

-Unprecedentedly guided to establish the cord blood bank in China (1997).

-Successfully completed the first allogeneic umbilical cord blood transplantation and systematically developed this transplantation in China (1997).

-Firstly applied some immunotherapies to control acute leukemia and obtained a remarkable therapeutic efficacy.

-Firstly identified three hereditary blood diseases in China.

-Firstly reported the remarkable efficacy of lithospermum and its extract on vascular purpura and phlebitis.

-As the editor-in-chief, associate editor-in-chief or editorial board member of 8 Chinese medical journals and the editorial board member of two international journals like Bone Marrow Transplantation and Journal of Hematology & Oncology. Published over 400 papers/books including 4 complied monographs like Leukemia Therapeutics and attended the composing of 19 publications.

Honors and Awards

-Second prize of National Scientific and Technological Progress Award (1985).

-The 7th Tan Kah Kee Prize in Medical Sciences (1997).

-The 3rd Ho Leung Ho Lee Science and Technology Progress Award (1997).

-First Prize of Beijing Science and Technology Award (2006).

-Distinguished Service Contribution Award from CIBMTR (2016).

-Lifetime Achievement Award from China Anti-Cancer Association (2016).

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