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One-Stop Service for International Patients
Lu Daopei Hospital International Center would like to provide streamlined access and individual support for our international patients. Our staff will be there to assist all patients during all phases of his / her care:



• Medical Record Collection: Collect patient’s medical records through E-mail or WhatsApp for the prelim 

  inary evaluation.

• Consultation: Consult with a doctor for more details.

• Medical Evaluation: Offer official medical evaluation to you via E-mail.

• Financial Consultation: Estimate treatment payment. We will provide official invoice to you through 


• Treatment Reservation: Room reservation and medical team confirmation.

• Visa Process: We offer an invitation letter for patients and his/her family.

• Hotel Reservation

• Transportation: Airport reception and transportation service to the hospital (booking 24-hours in

   advance is required).


Deposit: Each patient has to pay a deposit for his/her treatment when admitted. As the treatment goes, if the deposit does not cover the actual cost, the patient should make up the amount. If the deposit is beyond the actual cost, each patient will be refunded at the time of discharge. We have staff and third-party companies that can assist with the payment process. Each patient can pay with cash, remittance, visa and master credit card.

• Medical Examinations & Treatment

• Language Assistance

• Receipt: We offer an English receipt on a weekly basis so patients can be aware of the cost .

• Life Assistance: If necessary, we could help patients rent an apartment. We would also love to provide 

  any information and assistance that can make any patient’s life here easier.


• Discharge Instructions

• Assistance With Medical Records And Prescriptions

• Checkout Payment: Based on each patient’s deposit and actual cost, he/she will have to make up the 

  difference or get refunded.

• Financial Assistance: We could offer relevant documents as required to support  communication with 

  any insurance company, embassy or other organizations.

Follow-up Care

• Follow-ups With Our Clinical And Administrative Staff

• Telemedical Consultation For Your Health Condition

• Future Appointment Scheduling

• Arrangement For Re-visit

International Center Contact:

Mobile / Whatsapp: +86 13488699771

E-mail: international_center@ludaopei.com / bryan_liu@ludaopei.com

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