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Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy Home Care

    Eating a healthy diet is a key way to boost your immune system and keep your energy levels up.If it's become a chore to eat well, use these tips.

1. Prep food on high-energy days: Make meals ahead of time and store them. The food must fresh. When you need to eat, all you have to do is pop them in the oven or microwave. Avoid eating greasy and sweet food, it’s best choice reduced-fat, soft food. Frequent small meals.
2. Reach for grab and go. Keep snacks like yogurt and peanut butter-filled crackers on hand or make a smoothie in the morning and save half for later in the day.
3. Avoid eating greasy and sweet food, graze on low-fat, soft food. Frequent small meals. Lower-fat foods digest more easily. Try plain chicken breast, eggs and yoghurt.
4. Don’t let your stomach get too empty or too full.If your stomach gets too empty, wait a bit until you can handle more.
5. Stay upright after you eat. Lying down right after you eat interferes with digestion. Try to spend some time on your feet, whether doing dishes or taking a light stroll.
6. Steer clear of gas-producing foods. such as broccoli, onions and beans. which can worsen diarrhea. Also, now is not the time to eat raw vegetables, particular raw leafy greens, and the skins, seeds and stringy fibers of unpeeled fruit.


1. Before 2 hours patients undergoing chemotherapy don’t let stomach have full and don’t force eat food.
2. Do some exercise, like have a walk. It should choice suitable temperature, full of sunny time. when you have a walk, it’s better someone can company with you to prevent bruising. At same time have enough sleeping time.
3. Take shower, change clothes, manicure, beard regularly; keep skin clean, use soft towel to sponge both.
4. Patients need arrange single room, keep room clean, air is fresh; avoid smoking.
5. Take a deep breath. Or meditate or do yoga to reduce anxiety.
6. Wash your hands frequently to avoid infection. Also stay away from sick people when your white blood cell counts are low, between seven and 12 days after your infusion. Avoid going to crowded public places. Watch for signs of infection.And call your doctor immediately should they arise.
7. Take care of your skin. Chemo can cause it to dry out. You can use lotion.
8. Amp up the hydration. Fluids help keep your mouth moist, water is best, but if you need calories, have watered down juice. You can also moisten your food with sauce, oil or gravy.
9. Moisturize your mouth. At bedtime, swish some olive oil or let a pat of butter soften in your mouth then spit. It will coat your mouth so it doesn’t dry out.
10. Avoid foods that are acidic, salty, spicy. Foods like citrus, pickles, tomatoes, crackers, toast and cereal can be especially irritating to your mouth then.
11. Stick to soothing options soups, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, shakes, smoothies and pureed vegetables.

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